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TrainingPros eLearning Development Services

Today eLearning is changing the way that corporate training is impacting companies, and more specifically, learners everywhere. Modern eLearning solutions are transforming the way that companies train their employees. Latest trends in mobile learning and other forms of distance learning strategies have made it possible for learners to access information easily and conveniently. New technologies are influencing training solutions by creating learning experiences that are personalized and unique to each learner’s needs. Brand new eLearning methods emphasize the need for training resources to be equipped with the latest skills in order to produce innovative eLearning solutions for today’s learners.

What are your company’s eLearning development needs? At TrainingPros, our eLearning developers are proficient in Articulate, Captivate, Flash and other cutting-edge authoring tools. Our consultants have extensive knowledge and experience as well as the tools required to cater to your specific eLearning needs. You can view all our TrainingPros eLearning development services on our website.

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Training Multilingual Teams

How does your organization develop multilingual teams? Don’t miss our August webinar – “Five Crucial Steps When Training Multilingual Teams,” with Ray Reyes, Sr. Vice-President of eLearning Localization for Houston based, Translation Source. Join TrainingPros and Ray Reyes on Thursday, August 24, at 2 PM ET to learn the 5 fundamental techniques to effectively train multilingual teams. We hope you can join us!

  • Topic: Five Crucial Steps When Training Multilingual Teams
  • Date: Thursday, August 24, 2017
  • Time: 2:00pm EST (60 minute session)
  • Cost: Free, but space is limited. Please register early
  • Speaker: Ray Reyes is the Sr. Vice-President of eLearning Localization for Houston based, Translation Source
  • Register: Five Crucial Steps When Training Multilingual Teams
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5 Traits of an Exceptional Leader

There are numerous bosses in today’s corporate world, but many lack the qualities of a great leader. Leadership requires an attitude of humility and service while promoting commitment and growth within their teams. What are some challenges that you are facing in the leadership role? Here are five must-have qualities that every exceptional leader should possess:

Humility: A self-assured leader doesn’t require the constant praise and endorsement of others. They are confident in their expertise and abilities and also well aware of their deficiencies. A confident leader will not need to prove they are the smartest people in the room, yet their knowledge and expertise are recognized. How can you show humility as a leader? When situations arise, take a minute to observe your initial reaction. Do you tend to offer constructive feedback, or are you quick to show that you know all the answers? Choose to share criticism that is positive and helpful rather than reacting immediately. Finally, be flexible and unbiased in your opinions so as not to seem overbearing in your response.

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Learning Innovations for Younger Generations

Technology and social media have become an integral aspect of our daily life. Facebook, for instance, started out as a simple platform, where friends could exchange short messages and pictures. Today, the site boasts over 2 million members. Various other platforms along with Facebook have brought about drastic changes that directly affect not only the way we communicate, but also the way young talents are trained and taught in the workplace.

Saving time and money via new training formats are added bonuses to today’s organizations. An undeniable fact about the century we live in is that it is fast-paced and technology-oriented. The astounding digital improvements that have taken place in recent years have even made it possible to design customized training programs that can be distributed globally within split seconds. This innovative method can save thousands, if not millions of dollars. Besides being budget-friendly, the 21st century technology also enables young trainees to save time and energy by avoiding travel to various training spots as they can conduct their intern program online from the comfort of their home office.

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Instructional Design Services

If you’re familiar with Instructional Design, you probably understand its significance in today’s corporate world. The process involves evaluating the current position and needs of the learner as well as designing effective learning experiences for the evolving learner. Two things that expert instructional designers take into account are the research studies related to learning and using the right medium and tools to design learning solutions.

We offer our clients a wide range of instructional design services. We can deliver applications across a variety of media from the traditional class-based training to blended learning strategies. Our services include the programs within the ADDIE or ISD model. Visit our website to view a list of the TrainingPros instructional design services in addition to a complete listing of other service offerings. How can we help you with your instructional design needs?

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