Informing and Inspiring through Passion & Humor

Course Number: TP-CS018

About This Course

As the Director of Diabetes Education, Mercy Medical Center/Baltimore, acclaims: Great presentation. It really inspired me to improve my own presentation skills and brainstorm with my coworkers how to make our diabetes education classes more fun. Enable your leaders and critical communicators, trainers and educators to be informed and inspired…and to share the wealth of strategic ideas and exercises with potential learners. Confront your own and their Intimate FOE. Build more productive, better communicating and coordinating teams. Let the Doc boost your team or company to the creative learning-performing edge!

By the end of this "Get FIT" -- FUN-Interactive-Thought-provoking -- Workshop, participants will:

  • Discover the Stress Doc’s 5 Ps of Passion Power: generate a more compelling presence & creative essence – being Purposeful-Provocative-Passionate-Playful-Philosophical
  • Practice Healing & Harmonizing Humor: especially self-effacing and healing humor, without being a stand-up comic; transform Fear of Exposure into the "Fun of Embarrassment"
  • Helping the Audience Generate Its Own Playful and Powerful Sharing Experiences: the art of storytelling and group drawing; transforming angst and aggression into artful absurdity & camaraderie
  • Engage in a “Save the Workshop” Exercise: learning gains and gaps; follow-up task groups and pilot projects
  • Design an “M & M” – Memorable and Motivating – Close: Have Them Wanting More!

Course Details

  • Course Duration: 1 day
  • Max # Attendees: 30
  • Target Audience(s): All Audiences
  • Delivery Method(s): Instructor Led

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