Listening and Memory Development

Course Number: TP-CS001

About This Course

Part I: Listening

Good communication depends on more than effective speakers; you need effective listeners, too. Discover ways to increase your listening skills utilizing the Personal Listening Profile. Learn to listen with the clarity, focus and purpose it takes for total and successful communication. Topics include:

  • Discovering your listening approach or your natural way of listening
  • Exploring how listening approaches impact listening effectiveness
  • Understanding the focus, motivation and behavioral indicators of the five listening approaches
  • Exploring other listening approaches and their appropriate use in different situations
  • Developing a willingness to listen actively and positively capitalize on your strengths
  • Developing effective listening strategies and create a personal development plan to improve overall communications
  • Enhancing individual and team performance and fostering a positive listening environment

Part II: Memory Development

This program will offer you the methods and techniques to help you tap into your perfect memory whenever you choose. Learn how to use mnemonics (memory techniques) such as association, linking and the peg system to recall numbers, items in a list, and the exact order of items in a list. You will also explore the use of mind mapping, imagination and association for activating your superpower memory "your brain" to make presentations. The benefits of this workshop are endless. The more your memory is fed using both imaginative and associative networks to build up your base of knowledge on any subject, the more you will be able both to remember and create. Topics Include:

  • Integrating knowledge of imagination and association when expanding their memory
  • Utilizing basic memory development techniques such as linking, association, acronyms, and phonics on a daily basis to remember simple and complex information
  • Incorporating the primary tools for improving memory recall and learning when exposed to new information
  • Applying the techniques of mind mapping to enhance creativity and recall when preparing and making presentations
  • Integrating improved listening skills with memory development techniques to improve overall communication effectiveness

Course Details

  • Course Duration: 2 days
  • Max # Attendees: 20
  • Target Audience(s): All Audiences
  • Delivery Method(s): Instructor Led

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