Get More Done in Fewer Meetings

Course Number: TP-IR006

About This Course

Some studies estimate that managers and other personnel spend between 33% to 50% of their time in meetings, yet many people regard them as too long, frustrating, and unproductive. Participants learn what to do before, during, and after meetings in order to get more done in less time, and hold fewer meetings as a result. Highly skill-based and interactive; participants lead meetings and receive feedback. By the end of the workshop, participants will learn:

  • 1 core skill to politely stop the disruptive behaviors that ruin meetings and waste time, including attacking, dominating, getting off the subject, talking on and on, side conversations, etc.
  • 11 tools that highly effective facilitators use for maximum results
  • 5 ways of getting participation
  • How to develop results-oriented agendas with ranked priorities
  • How to use a decision-making and priority-setting tools to plan action
  • Who should be the facilitator and the roles of effective participants

Course Details

  • Course Duration: 1 day
  • Max # Attendees: 20
  • Target Audience(s): Executives | Managers | Supervisors
  • Delivery Method(s): Instructor Led

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