Leading by Courageous Resilience & Creative Risk-Taking

Course Number: TP-LD007

About This Course

In today’s TNT – Time-Numbers-Technology – Driven and Distracted World, there’s definitely a need for an upgraded “R & R” model and method – Resilience and Risk-taking! Discover and practice hands on tools and techniques, skills and strategies for: a) identifying barriers to courage and creativity, and b) building resilient, risk-taking, and collaborative professional-team bridges. Relate as a PRO with Real-Respectful-Responsible-Responsive conversations. Create winning teams that blend individual creativity and interactive community. Integrate head and heart, high tech and human touch. Come out of the courageous and creative closets.

By the end of this "Get FIT" -- FUN-Interactive-Thought-provoking -- Workshop, participants will:

  • Go from Agenda to the Arena: focus on constructive discontent and prepare and develop a courageous mindset able to be both vital and vulnerable
  • Aware-ily Jump In Over Head: generate rapid learning curve – threat-loss-challenge; quick assessment of skills & resources; beware of alligators
  • Strive to Survive High Dive: Strive High and Embrace Failure; develop a Resilience & Risk-Taking time frame; discover tools for resource collaboration
  • Thrive On “Thrustration”…Incubate to Illuminate: embrace and harness creative tension; take an Incubation Vacation: learn to let go...and design flow
  • Design for Error Evaluation & Opportunity: range of possibilities over fixed or ideal goals; avoid “b.s.”; develop IC2 -- Individual Creativity & Interactive Community - Networks

Course Details

  • Course Duration: 1 day
  • Max # Attendees: 50
  • Target Audience(s): Executives | Managers | Supervisors
  • Delivery Method(s): Instructor Led

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