TrainingPros Translation Services

TrainingPros recognizes that a number of our clients and prospects require learning & development programs in multiple languages. As our world becomes smaller and organizations more global, we are meeting those needs of multi-lingual training programs – whether instructor-led classroom sessions, eLearning modules, or blended learning delivery.

Our translation services offering follows a rigorous closed-loop process with these steps:

  • Evaluate: all source files are examined to determine what content should be extracted for translation. This involves a comprehensive understanding of all the functionality and features that need to be localized.
  • Translate and localize: this includes edits, proofing, and client reviews and approvals.
  • Engineer: this step is a disciplined quality assurance methodology that adheres to the clients’ Learning Management System and tests for fully deployed functionalities.
  • Voiceover and subtitling: all recordings, edits, integrations, and translated subtitles are incorporated into the training materials.
  • Quality assurance, publication, and delivery: these final steps deliver a ready-to-use product to our client.

TrainingPros, founded in 1997, works closely with learning departments of large organizations to identify, attract, and support leading contract specialists for focused training and development engagements.