Following are some common questions we receive from our talent:

Q.  What is the average length of your contract projects?

A.  The length varies depending on the type of project. The following provides some guidelines for project duration by area of expertise:

  • Instructional Design
Full-time 4 - 6 months
  • Training Delivery
Full-time 1 - 2 months
  • Technical Communications
Full-time 4 - 6 months
  • Organizational Development
Part-time 6 - 12 months
Q.  Are TrainingPros’ learning and development professionals hired as full-time employees?

A.  No. TrainingPros contracts with learning and development professionals on a project basis, and these professionals are paid as vendors on a 1099 basis.

Q.  Does TrainingPros require all of its consultants to be incorporated ?

A.  While TrainingPros does not make incorporation a requirement for consultants to join our talent pool, we do suggest you consider the possibility.

Q.  Does TrainingPros offer benefits?

A.  Our learning and development professionals are considered contract vendors, not TrainingPros employees, so we are not able to provide benefits.

Q.  What is the profile of the most successful professionals in the TrainingPros talent pool?

A.  The TrainingPros professionals who are placed on the most project contracts generally possess the following qualities:

  • Diligent about communicating their availability for projects to TrainingPros
  • 10 - 15 years of industry experience
  • Academic credentials and/or certifications tied to their area of expertise
  • Minimum of five years of contract experience
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Good project management skills
  • Adept with the various tools or technologies inherent to their area of expertise
  • Strong work ethic with a “can do” attitude
  • Flexible and adaptive to the client’s work style and corporate culture
Q.  How do you select consultants for particular client projects?

A.  Following is the proven process followed by TrainingPros:

  • A TrainingPros relationship manager defines the client’s requirements in detail, including:
    • Problem the client needs addressed
    • Deliverables that may need to be produced
    • Project schedule
    • Tools and technologies that may be employed to design, develop and deliver the human performance solution
    • Whether any travel will be required
    • Who the consultant will be working with
  • Working with the client, the relationship manager defines and agrees on the profile of a candidate who might be a good fit for the client’s project.
  • Three or four candidates from the TrainingPros talent pool are identified who meet the established criteria.
  • Candidates are rank ordered.
  • The #1 rated candidate is contacted and further evaluated by the relationship manager to determine if the individual is a good fit for the project. If TrainingPros and the candidate agree that the project is a good fit, their credentials will be submitted to the client for review and consideration.
  • If TrainingPros and the candidate agree that the project is not a good fit or they are not available, the next candidate is contacted.
  • TrainingPros schedules a meeting between the candidate and the client during which the client discusses their project and further evaluates the credentials and qualifications of the consultant.
  • After the client accepts the candidate for their project, TrainingPros and the candidate complete all necessary administrative setup (sign contract, direct deposit, NDA, access to time and expense system, etc.), and the candidate begins work on the project.
  • The relationship manager continues to check in with both the client and the consultant on the project to ensure that goals are being met and the process is moving smoothly.
Q.  How can I be being considered for future TrainingPros’ projects?

A.  Click on the Join Our Team portal and complete a consultant profile to be considered. One of our relationship managers will contact you to learn more about your skills, experiences and passions.

TrainingPros, founded in 1997, works closely with learning departments of large organizations to identify, attract, and support leading contract specialists for focused training and development engagements.