Audio & Digital: Adding ROI To Training


Join Sissy Siero with Sissy Siero Voiceover Media LLC and Alan Spivey with TrainingPros to learn how you can identify, create and manage reliable ROI based training technology. Register below to attend our FREE webinar “Adding ROI to Training Using Audio & Digital Media Technology,” on Thursday, September 21, at 2 PM ET. See additional details below:

  • Topic: Adding ROI to Training Using Audio & Digital Media Technology
  • Date: Thursday, September 21, 2017
  • Time: 2:00pm EST (60 minute session)
  • Cost: Free, but space is limited. Please register early
  • Speaker: Sissy Siero, Manager at Sissy Siero Voiceover Media LLC and Alan Spivey, Relationship Manager at TrainingPros
  • Register: Adding ROI to Training Using Audio & Digital Media Technology

About the Session:

We all know how important it is for training to be effective, but how do you measure the level of success? ROI is an important factor for any business, but can be difficult to track (and prove) when it comes to training. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to better identify, assess, execute & manage ROI based training projects. The use of voiceover audio, translations, digital media & other technology can help drive these projects for a specific market or globally if needed. Providing profitable training to a client cannot only ensure your current projects succeed, but can also help solidify your relationship with them in the future.

Key Topics discussed:

  • How to identify training projects that have the best potential for ROI & business growth
  • Available options & success indicators for ROI based training projects
  • How to correctly plan for Voiceover Audio, Translations & Digital Media implementation
  • How to create & manage reliable ROI based training technology
  • How to create an ROI discussion & follow up plan for your clients

About the Speakers:

Sissy Siero: With over twenty-five years in the entertainment industry, Sissy has a unique ability to connect with wide-ranging audiences. From her humble beginnings playing original music on the streets of NYC, to her days on tour with seven-time Grammy nominee Joan Osborne; fast forward to performing & event emceeing in Austin, Texas, and lending her voice to international brands, Sissy’s focus has always been on the listener; building trust and connection with her voice. As a voice over artist and on-camera talent, she’s elevated brands as varied as Fortune 500 companies to mom and pop shops. From national and international radio/TV commercials and network TV shows, to internal instructional videos.

Alan Spivey: TrainingPros Relationship Manager, Alan Spivey, focuses on clients in the northwest Arkansas market. He has experience with Fortune 100 and 500 companies as well as the transportation, logistics, technology, and manufacturing industries. Alan’s areas of greatest expertise are instructional design and visual design, custom eLearning programming and software solutions, and printing/packaging design & production. Prior to joining the TrainingPros team, Alan worked for Walmart, Sam’s Club, Ring Kings Radio, RMI/Admar, Kaotik Apparel, Le Vai Water, LLC; and Spivey Interactive. His highly technical and creative learning and development experiences make Alan a valuable contributor to the TrainingPros team and his clients.