Exemplary Job Aids Boost Performance


Join Russ Powell and Joe Halpin with Peregrine Performance Group, LLC. for our April webinar — “Trim Fat and Boost Performance with Exemplary Job Aids,” on Thursday, April 26th at 1 PM ET. Learn how to recognize as well as design and create an exemplary job-aid and so much more. See additional details below:

  • Topic: Trim Fat and Boost Performance with Exemplary Job Aids
  • Date: Thursday, April 26, 2018
  • Time: 1:00pm EST (60 minute session)
  • Cost: Free, but space is limited. Please register early
  • Speakers: Russ Powell, Principal Consultant, Training and Development and Joe Halpin, Principal Consultant, Training and Development with Peregrine Performance Group, LLC. Russ and Joe are co-founders of Peregrine Performance Group.
  • Register: Trim Fat and Boost Performance with Exemplary Job Aids

About the Session:

“Inside every fat course is a thin job-aid crying to get out.” ~ Joe Harless

In the field of Learning and Development (L&D), one of the most valuable (and yet underrated) performance support tools we can provide for our customers and teams is an effective job-aid. In this session, you’ll learn Peregrine’s seven steps for creating exemplary job-aids and other performance support tools. It’s no secret that billions of dollars are wasted every year on training and talent development initiatives. One of the best ways to reclaim some of those wasted dollars is to go back to basics and ensure that training programs are (a) focused on performance and (b) wrapped around relevant, well-crafted job-aids. In some cases, an effective job-aid can replace a course entirely. The subject matter in this session is directly applicable to many important trends in L&D today including microlearning, performance support, and xAPI technology. Most participants leave this program with new insights and skills for producing better results in less time in their performance improvement efforts.

What will you gain by attending?

  • Recognize an exemplary job-aid. (Save time, money, resources.)
  • Know when to use a job-aid in place of or as a component of a training course or talent development initiative. (Reduce resource load(s).)
  • Design and create an exemplary job-aid. (Increase confidence in tool effectiveness.)

About the Speakers:

Russ Powell: Award-winning learning-industry veteran who helps mid-sized and large businesses create effective and affordable training programs and other performance improvement initiatives (e.g., simulations, process documentation, job aids, instructional videos, eLearning, etc.) that help bring their workers to the next level. Russ holds degrees in behavioral sciences from Georgia State University and Loyola University. Follow him on LinkedIn and/or Twitter.

Joe Halpin: Performance technologist with more than 20 years’ experience. He was a contributing architect of the award-winning Sherpa learning platform. Other areas of expertise include sales, communications, HR, and assessing learning strategies. Joe holds a Masters in Instructional Technology from San Francisco State and a Bachelor of Science in Corporate Communications from Ithaca College. Follow Joe on LinkedIn.