Volume 20: Training as a Service

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Training as a Service (TaaS) for ERP is a service-level based offering for established enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementations, e.g., Infor, Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP, or other smaller systems. TaaS provides training support services after go-live as a periodic routine to proactively address changing operations and ERP system changes.

“At TrainingPros, we understand the importance of leveraging managed services,” said Dave Amborski, TrainingPros Vice President of Enterprise Learning Solutions. “A successful ERP implementation and transition to normal operations is only the beginning of the journey.”

“Organizations benefit from periodic reviews and assessments of their training content and business process documentation. However, many IT organizations do not retain training development and delivery staff after their ERP goes live,” Amborski said. “TrainingPros recognizes the significant risk to our clients of maintaining and enhancing training documentation after the completion of ERP implementation activities.”

What Makes TrainingPros TaaS Different?

  • TaaS manages the complete training lifecycle.
  • Clients will get direct access to ERP trained TrainingPros resources.
  • TaaS engagements provide a dedicated TaaS Project Manager who has multiple ERP implementation experiences.
  • The adaptive service model provides individual and client-specific services and processes to fit any organization or company.
  • TrainingPros uses its proven training development and delivery model as the basis for providing TaaS.

Support on the ground and in the Cloud

The majority of our clients have completed large-scaled business transformation projects involving an ERP system to maximize efficiency, data integrity, and growth. But how can those improvements keep up with the ERP systems’ technological improvements? The answer: through TaaS.

“As ERP software providers improve their products and move to Cloud-based solutions, their customers can face significant training and integration challenges to keep up with the updates and functionality changes.” Amborski said. “With TaaS, TrainingPros’ ERP consultants can help manage this process for our clients.”

As new software features and updates are released, TrainingPros consultants can supplement a client’s L&D department in a variety of ways:

  • Assess the latest ERP features or version and map them to your unique processes and use of your ERP software.
  • Determine what training materials and applications need to be updated to address the latest changes and software releases.
  • Modify existing courses or develop new courses to teach both process changes and systems requirements.
  • Assist you in moving existing courses or new courses to online learning.
  • Provide instructors to implement the training material updates.
  • Coordinate the rollout with your internal resources or become your outsourced partner for total ERP training through our Assess, Build, Run TaaS Methodology.
  • Provide translation and localization services to support global rollouts of your ERP system and facilitate end user adoption of your system and processes.

If you want to learn more about TaaS and how TrainingPros can help your company maximize your ERP system investment, contact Dave Amborski or your TrainingPros Relationship Manager.

About TrainingPros

TrainingPros works closely with learning and development departments of large organizations to identify, attract, and support leading contract specialists for focused training and development engagements. A proprietary onboarding process led by experienced relationship managers helps ensure the right personnel for the job.

If you would like more information about TrainingPros’ expertise in aligning learning & development objectives with your organization’s business goals or any other services we offer our clients, please visit our TrainingPros Services page.

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