Net Promoter Score


“All aspects of TrainingPros service to us have been great. The client relationship, resource handling and even invoicing have been seamless and on the mark – and even when things have gone awry, TrainingPros has been quick to remedy it. Thank you for your great partnership.”

The quote above came from one of the many clients who took a few minutes to answer this question and provide the reasons why we earned their recommendation: “How likely is it that you would recommend TrainingPros to a friend or colleague?” This very simple question is the basis for the net promoter score (NPS) effort. We regularly pulse our client base to see how we stack up from their perspective.

We are delighted to report that TrainingPros earned another excellent NPS. We wish we could report on how other learning & development staffing services companies rate from an NPS perspective, but very few appear to have invested in this venture. The NPS is a very rigorous and unforgiving metric that few organizations want to take on. We feel so confident about the commitment of our relationship managers to serve our clients and the quality of our consultants that we’re willing to undergo this scrutiny. And we take any detractor comments very seriously – as an opportunity to always improve. While we were certainly pleased with our “excellent” rating, we missed “world class” or “exceptional” by only two points – we will be chasing that bar for 2020.

We’ll leave you with another quote from a client who responded with the highest possible score – a 10 – on their willingness to recommend us. When asked what TrainingPros did to earn this highest promotion, they said we are “attentive and responsive” and that we “deliver.” We thank you for another excellent year of NPS marks!