Thrilled With Annual Net Promoter Score


TrainingPros initiated an annual survey that’s both incredibly simple and incredibly challenging. We asked all of our clients one question – that’s right, just one – “How likely are you to recommend us to a talent development colleague?” And the answer is on a 0 – 10 point scale from “not likely” up to “highly likely.” This likelihood of recommendation is the ultimate satisfaction index – also known as the Net Promoter Score (NPS).

The reason that NPS surveys are incredibly challenging is that a company really only gets “credit” for responses in the 9-10 range; those are our promoters. A passive client gives us a 7 or 8 score, and detractors are anything 6 and below. TrainingPros was thrilled to garner a 94% NPS in our first year!

Out of fear, there are many companies that shy away from asking their clients how likely they would be to recommend them, but TrainingPros jumped in with both feet. According to NPS Benchmarks, here are some results of top performing brands: Tesla at 97%, Starbucks at 77%, and Amazon at 61%. And the industry average for other education companies came in at only 65%.

As delighted as we are that most of our clients promote our services and are very likely to recommend us, our goal is to continue to ask the question and move the needle each year. We’ll push closer to 100% through excellent relationship manager service, the best learning & development talent, and a consistent onboarding for success methodology – all with an eye to innovation and the latest in L&D required skills.

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