Instruction and Facilitation


Many years ago, all training was delivered in a face-to-face classroom setting. With the increase in global companies, more work forces interacting virtually, and the explosion of eLearning solutions, instructor-delivered training has decreased dramatically. However, the need for classroom delivery instruction remains and is unlikely to dwindle entirely.

Given the shift toward online learning, many organizations no longer maintain permanent instructional staff. TrainingPros has a talent pool with many professional instructors and facilitators who are available for short and longer-term engagements. Our instructors are skilled in delivering off-the-shelf training programs and are equally adept in leading coursework that is unique to your company. Our instructors also have the benefit of having worked with many organizations and are versed in the latest best practices on effective classroom-based learning.

Facilitators are usually required for highly customized meetings and events. The beauty of bringing in a professional facilitator is that you and your team are able to participate fully while an outside objective party expertly leads your group through the agenda, exercises, and to the desired outcomes.

We invite you to learn more about TrainingPros’ Instruction & Facilitation service offering. And if you have an immediate need, please contact your TrainingPros relationship manager to determine the best fit for an upcoming training rollout or meeting.

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