Instructional Design Services


If you’re familiar with Instructional Design, you probably understand its significance in today’s corporate world. The process involves evaluating the current position and needs of the learner as well as designing effective learning experiences for the evolving learner. Two things that expert instructional designers take into account are the research studies related to learning and using the right medium and tools to design learning solutions.

TrainingPros offers our clients a wide range of instructional design services. We can deliver applications across a variety of media from the traditional class-based training to blended learning strategies. Our services include the programs within the ADDIE or ISD model. Visit our website to view a list of the TrainingPros instructional design services in addition to a complete listing of other service offerings. How can we help you with your instructional design needs?

If you’re interested in contract instructional design opportunities, visit the TrainingPros Talent Portal to view the latest list of openings. We encourage you to register on our talent portal to be added to our database to be notified about upcoming opportunities.

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