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As learning and development (L&D) professionals, the TrainingPros team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from all facets of our industry.


We believe there is only one way to be successful and that is by hiring talented people who understand L&D and love the work they do. That is why we continue to be voted as one of Atlanta’s Best Places to Work.



Meet Our Award Winning Trainingpros Team


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Relationship Managers​

Kelley Kalbas, Trainingpros Relationship Manager | Atlanta

Kelley Kalbas


Cheryl Manning, Trainingpros Relationship Manager | Atlanta &Amp; Tampa

Cheryl Manning

Atlanta | Tampa

Susan Sheehan, Trainingpros Relationship Manager | Chicago

Susan Sheehan


Leigh Hurst, Trainingpros Relationship Manager | Pennsylvania

Leigh Hurst


Lori Fancher, Trainingpros Relationship Manager | Atlanta

Lori Fancher


Chenier Mershon, Trainingpros Relationship Manager | Dallas &Amp; Ft. Worth

Chenier Mershon

Dallas | Ft. Worth

Jennifer Semien-Walker, Trainingpros Relationship Manager | Houston

Jennifer Semien-Walker


John Buschiazzo, Trainingpros, Relationship Manager | Gainsville

John Buschiazzo


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ERP Training Services

David Amborski, Erp Training | Atlanta

David Amborski


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Avaya Training Services

Melanie Underwood, Trainingpros Avaya Training Services | Denver

Melanie Underwood


Carole Meade, Trainingpros Avaya Training Services | West Palm Beach

Carole Meade

West Palm Beach

Valerie Trotter, Trainingpros Cala Learning Manager | Mexico

Valerie Trotter

CALA Learning Manager

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Consultant Partners

Laura Sharon, Trainingpros Consultant Partner | Virginia

Laura Sharon


Diane Brescher, Trainingpros Consultant Partner | New Jersey

Diane Brescher

New Jersey

Malu Schloss, Trainingpros Consultant Partner | New York

Malu Schloss

New York

One Community, One Trainingpros
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Michele Carello, Trainingpros Senior Talent Acquisition Manager

Michele Carello

Senior Talent Acquisition Manager

Julie Coyne, Trainingpros Talent Acquisition Specialist

Julie Coyne

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Agnes Petrocelli, Trainingpros Sourcing Specialist

Agnes Petrocelli

Sourcing Specialist

Victoria Ramanauskas, Trainingpros Sourcing Specialist

Victoria Ramanauskas

Sourcing Specialist

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Customer Success

Michelle Estrada, Trainingpros Director Of Customer Success

Michelle Estrada

Director of Customer Success

Heather Bedillion, Trainingpros Customer Success Specialist

Heather Bedillion

Customer Success Specialist

Deann Stevens, Trainingpros Customer Success Specialist

Deann Stevens

Customer Success Specialist

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Planning & Resources

Talent Relations

Stacey Piccolo, Trainingpros Director Of Planning &Amp; Resources

Stacey Piccolo

Director of Planning & Resources

Nicole Darby | Trainingpros Talent Ambassador

Nicole Darby

Talent Ambassador

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Digital Communications

Patrick Owens, Trainingpros Digital Solutions Director

Patrick Owens

Digital Solutions Director

Anessia Foley, Trainingpros Digital Solutions Designer

Anessia Foley

Digital Solutions Designer

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