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Volume 24: Microlearning in the Real World

Now that the newness has worn off microlearning, how’s it working for you? Where do you find its best applications? What challenges are you facing? In this article, we’ll look at real-world applications and models for microlearning, as well as how to tackle some of the challenges that come with managing microlearning. First, let’s look at the best ways to optimize microlearning. It’s all about quick, focused exposure to new content. See if you’ve used ...
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Volume 23: Weathering the Storm of the Cloud

As adoption of the Cloud computing market continues to evolve and mature, it is affecting every aspect of an organization that may be considering or actively pursuing this strategy. In examining the rationale for a company’s move to Cloud computing, we were struck by the similarities in value drivers between a transition to the Cloud and the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) transformations of the 1990s: service, flexibility, and cost. Yet, many ERP implementations struggled due ...
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Volume 22: Realigning Return on Learning Investment

Highly engaged, trained employees surrounded by a purposeful learning and development team are necessary to achieve desired business results. Yet in most organizations, it’s often difficult for C-suite members to see the value they expected from their learning programs—leading to the potential of budget cuts, a risk no organization wishes to face. Uncertainty in the local economy, a move toward automation, or global influences such as ever-changing trade agreements between neighboring countries or political unrest ...
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Volume 21: Humanizing the Learning Design Process

For all the ways we’ve dreamed up to make the learning design and development processes more efficient and impactful over the years, there has always been one thing missing: a (real) focus on learners. Sure, we consider employee profiles and might even sneak in an audience analysis here and there, but the effort usually falls short of really inviting the learner’s voice into the room while our teams are feverishly conjuring up ways to build ...
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Volume 20: Training as a Service

Training as a Service (TaaS) for ERP is a service-level based offering for established enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementations, e.g., Infor, Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP, or other smaller systems. TaaS provides training support services after go-live as a periodic routine to proactively address changing operations and ERP system changes. “At TrainingPros, we understand the importance of leveraging managed services,” said Dave Amborski, TrainingPros Vice President of Enterprise Learning Solutions. “A successful ERP implementation and transition to ...
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Volume 19: 4 Collaborative Tasks to Boost Team Learning

Particularly in the digital age, skills in the business world cannot be allowed to stagnate. People who fall behind the times rapidly see their usefulness ebb away, turning themselves into burdens on their employers and colleagues alike. But the resources aren’t always there for individual training — and even when they are, how can supervisors be sure they’re being used correctly? This is why any individual training must be supplemented with team training. Team members ...
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Volume 18: Spicy Learning Recipes for Younger Generations

Times are changing. Training is not what it used to be 15, 10 or even 5 years ago. Technological advancements and the fluctuating economy have been huge influences, just to name a couple. Another significant factor is the changing generational climate of employees in the workplace. In 2015, Millennials (born in the early 80s to mid-90s) surpassed the largest generation, Gen X, (born early 60s to early 80s) in the labor force, representing 1 in ...
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Volume 17: A Winning Formula

We’re always on the lookout for “organic” ways to connect with each other: to see and be seen - whether in personal relationships or professional ones. Why? Because it feels good, feels right and true. The goals we accomplish are based on our ability and willingness to create an honest two-way channel of receptivity, to understand the subtle messages and the underlying needs of our customers and partners. It’s that human connection that allows the ...
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Volume 16: Informal Learning

Learning & development practitioners (LDPs) are being asked to meet enormous learning demands: leadership development is a perennial need, compliance training has exploded, onboarding is under the microscope, change management often falls to L&D, and millennial employees are demanding career path development. In addition, the continually changing workplace requires learning support for product rollouts, technology changes – it’s a daunting list. Most L&D teams are small: The average global LDP is responsible for 1,135 employees ...
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Volume 15: Balance and Alignment

There’s a professional risk in remaining bound in a historical silo often found within Learning and Development (L&D) departments. In today’s competitive environment, this practice prevents an organization from using the skills sets and expanding the competencies of its current and future employees. Companies that align their learning efforts with corporate strategies can see a return on that investment with higher revenues and more engaged staff and clients. Use What You Already Have Many L&D ...
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