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Volume 14: Understanding Social

As social media platforms are increasingly used for sharing more than photos of children and check-ins at local eateries, L&D professionals look for effective ways to embrace this new option for training while ensuring that the conversations and content are both engaging and appropriate. What Tools Are Available? With so many options, companies may feel overwhelmed when first exploring social media for learning and development. And determining whether or not your social media platform will ...
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Volume 13: Mobile Learning Expanding Beyond Sales

With 64 percent of American adults owning a smartphone and 42 percent owning a tablet, Americans are learning a great deal on their mobile devices. They’re solving the mystery of the gold/white or blue/black dress, they’re getting inspired to dress their pets in pajamas after watching the baby goat-dancing video on YouTube, and they’re assessing their knowledge of all things “Mad Men.” But how much professional learning is going on that it valuable to their jobs, ...
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Volume 12: Training Delivery Methods: Selecting the Best

Training delivery methods today travel a full spectrum. On one end, you will see a classroom setting, complete with lecterns, overheads, and handouts. And moving along that spectrum, you will encounter applications on handheld devices with pre- and post-class assessments downloaded from and uploaded to a Cloud-based learning management system (LMS). And while one seems old and tired and the other seems innovative, both have a valid role to play in today’s wide and varied ...
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Volume 11: Team-Driven Performance Measures

Yeah, yeah, yeah. A performance measurement article? Insert obligatory “That which gets measured gets done” adage. We believe it, but it’s not always true. Many organizations that pride themselves on their people development limit their measures to traditional financial performance and broken employee evaluation procedures. And in spite of lots of “measurement,” nothing gets done. If we stopped to think about it, traditional measures do not really reflect what organizations want “done”—those are just results. ...
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Volume 10: Incorporating Emotional Intelligence In Training

As trainers and facilitators, our continual focus is on developing and equipping people with the skills they need to be more effective at work. To accomplish this, we utilize various approaches and methods to ensure that our training resonates with participants, including thorough analysis, design, development, and follow-up. However, while these basic tools of our trade are necessary, they are not sufficient for delivering truly transformational training. Effective training is about more than sound learning ...
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Volume 09: Generational Instructional Design Strategies

In June 2014, Jane Ryan, a TrainingPros Relationship Manager serving the Dallas-Ft. Worth markets, sat down with Glen B. Earl, PhD., Organizational Development Specialist in the Office of Talent Management, Parkland Hospital and Healthcare System, Dallas, Texas. Dr. Earl is also the co-author of Exiting Oz: How the New Generation Workforce is Changing the Face of Business Forever & What Organizations Must Do to Survive Thrive. Dr. Earl responded to several questions that Ms. Ryan ...
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Volume 08: Learning On the Go

In the last 40 years, the Learning and Development (L&D) industry has seen a significant paradigm shift in platforms and delivery, from course manuals and classrooms in the ’70s to floppy disks and computer-based training in the ’80s and ’90s. Now smartphones and tablets are presenting challenges and opportunities we could not have imagined at the beginning of the new millennium. What do these new forms of media mean for learners and learning leaders? Where ...
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Volume 07: The Evolution of Training Delivery

As the landscape of technology continues to change, so do the opportunities available for training delivery methods. Learning and Development (L&D) professionals must learn how to present the same ideas in new, effective ways for the changing demographics and expectations of employees, both domestic and abroad. Transitioning from what worked for years into new methods to encourage participation and learning may be challenging. What are companies and organizations doing to meet this challenge head on ...
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Volume 06: Talent Management

As potential employees look for opportunities that include benefits beyond standard compensation, how do organizations ensure that they are doing everything necessary to attract the best candidates for available positions? Once that candidate is on board, how do you foster an environment for individual professional growth while assessing leadership potential? Talent management is a relatively new concept, but a critical strategy that can be mutually beneficial for the organization and the employee if implemented properly. ...
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Volume 05: Doing More With Less

As various countries’ economies continue to work toward previous levels of prosperity and stability, doing more with less has almost become the standard operating procedure for Learning and Development (L&D) organizations around the world. But with expectations on the rise and funding decreasing, how do we as training professionals provide educational opportunities and resources to staff and clients while still remaining relevant and competitive? Be Creative Pete Blank, training manager with the Personnel Board of ...
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