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Volume 04: The Profession

As Learning & Development (L&D) professionals, what are we doing to improve an organization’s performance? How do we drive business forward? How do we stay current in the changing landscape of technology? And how do we accomplish these goals in a cost-effective way that will be valuable to us as professionals and to the clients we serve? Embrace New Concepts Trish Uhl, CEO and founder of Owl’s Ledge, a consulting firm that offers L&D and ...
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Volume 03: Accommodating Global Learning

In the last few decades, our world has become increasingly smaller. Advances in technology have created opportunities for businesses to expand, not only in services provided or products offered, but in workforce and presence across the globe. Balancing time zones, languages, cultural differences, and leadership expectations in a training environment are relatively new challenges for Learning and Development (L&D) professionals. How are these elements managed while still providing the expected necessary training for new employees? ...
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Volume 02: Multigenerational Learning

Today’s workforce is more demographically diverse than at any other time, with four generations working side-by-side in companies across the country. The generations have many distinguishing features. They have different ways of gathering and communicating information. They eat and play differently. And, many would agree, they have distinct work ethics that guide their decision-making, adherence to rules and personal interactions. This white paper is the second in a series by TrainingPros in partnership with corporate ...
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Volume 01: On Staff or On Demand?

Training is a dynamic discipline that is constantly evolving in response to changes in market conditions and corporate priorities. As businesses seek to produce and deliver high-value training, they must first address the question of whether to hire full-time instructional design professionals or rely on outside providers. This white paper, the first installment of our Learning Perspectives series, addresses the advantages and disadvantages of both strategies. Many of the arguments are similar to those around ...
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