Interview with Commvault’s Joe Ilvento


For several years, Joe Ilvento has served as the Chief Learning Officer and Worldwide Director of Talent Development for Commvault, a public company based out of New Jersey that leads the way in enterprise backup, recovery, and data management. We recently arranged for Joe to be interviewed by Business Radio X co-hosts Lee Kantor and Stone Payton on our TrainingPros Learning Insights Radio show. Joe Ilvento’s interview can be heard on our SoundCloud channel, or we invite you to check out the highlights in this blog post.

Commvault serves a variety of industries around the world, so Joe’s CLO role is a challenging one that involves a great deal of global perspective and looking for the most effective training techniques. Joe starts with the business drivers – what various organizations are trying to achieve, what their objectives are, and how he and his team can meet those needs. On any given day, Joe will need to put on many hats – consulting, coaching, change management – as they go about setting strategy and looking at the best delivery methods.

As you might imagine, Commvault takes a blended learning approach with plenty of classroom or face-to-face type learning layered with pre and post virtual components. One of the hallmarks under Joe’s direction was crafting a university via a proprietary site that offers up 1,500 topic-specific micro learning sessions comprised of video, audio, and other engaging content to support the learners.

One of Commvault’s core values is “Power Your Passion.” This value has been a key driver for Joe’s success and his opportunities to build out an award-winning (two-time winner of CLO Magazine’s Learning in Practice Innovation Award) talent framework and create solutions that have been well received around the world.

Dive in to this audio recording for time well spent on Joe’s best practices. TrainingPros is grateful for his time on our radio program and for the insights he shared.

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